Matthias Berndt is a director for commercials.
Shooting cars on an international level for many years – which is still his passion - his directing work now expands to a broad variety, be it lifestyle produucts, storytelling or fashion work. Check it out!

Over the years Matthias has developed his own destinctive style - working with stunning visuals, high energy and emotional storytelling. For storytelling Matthias is great with actors and knows how to get the best and emotional result out of them. Having worked as CG animator and editor himself in the past he masters as well the post side of jobs, using visual effects and CGI to enhance the shots.

After a dozen years into his international carreer he has preserved his down-to-earthness and his adventurous spirit. With every project he loves to explore exciting ways to deliver the right execution for the board. While his german roots make him a focussed and fast shooter on set.
Be it in the African desert, in Downtown LA or in the hustlebustle of Bombai.

Selected clients:

BMW. Porsche. Mercedes-Benz. VW. Nissan. Infiniti. Toyota. Skoda. Hyundai. Honda. Lamborghini. Acura. Jeep. Dodge. Chrysler. Renault. Ford. Honda motorbikes.

Panasonic. British Petrol. Marlboro. Microsoft. Armani. Gucci. Hewlett-Packard. Karstadt Departement Stores. Deutsche Telekom.